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Helps you find new game ideas and game mechanics


IdeasForGames is a complete set of cards for brainstorming new game ideas. It was developed by GameLab ZHdK as a tool for Indie Game developers. It focuses on the core of games, the gameplay mechanics. It is simple and fast for unfolding your ideas. Use it in small groups. You can brainstorm ideas and then develop your game ideas into working concepts. The deck has 108 cards that represent an ideal foundation for creating game ideas. To make your own game, IdeasForGames is the perfect tool for you to start with.

Rules & content

How to play

Playing IdeasForGames and create your own game ideas is easy! All you need is a deck of our cards and you can start. Basic modes for quick brainstorming sessions help you find new gameplay mechanics. And expert modes lead you to new game ideas and concepts. You can play alone, in small groups or in teams.
For simple ideas you draw a gameplay mechanic card and a setting card. For more specific game ideas you draw cards from each category.

Feel free to make your own rules and add or substitute cards. The deck of cards may be used as a workshop tool in small or big groups, with students, by game developers and other professionals.

The card set includes 108 cards with 5 categories:
gameplay mechanics, setting, emotional response, challenge and instructions with rules and tips for creating your own ideas.

  • Gameplay Mechanic Cards
  • Emotional response cards
  • Challenge cards
  • Setting cards

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